Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

no school on thursday. what a yes. i've been hating thursday ever since i started junior high. and there's no school because of the islamic new year. since i live in a country with the high average people are believe in islam, so yeah it's a national holiday. but too bad, i would'nt be enjoying that much. i got a test tomorrow, math for 2 hours, english for 2 hours and GAT for 30 mins. and yeah if you're wondering, i'm studying while blogging right now because i'm cool just like dat. forget me. hahah. the stress of test are taking control tonight. poor me.

i watched Paranormal Activity 4 today. it was bloody shocking. and this time, the ending was pretty much the same unless this time, all the so-called-mistery was solved. so katie was still alive and hunter too. they still have devil controlling the body but this time, it was revealed that katie, somehow got in to her grandma's creepy group (check out paranormal 3, that's actually the beginning of all the 4 movies). with triangle and circle inside of it, this group have to find a boy for the devil. so it all begin with this family, they had a kid named alex (the teenage girl) and wyatt (which you will discovered that he's actually adopted and from what he's saying that he was hunter) and they lived across the house which i was thinking that it's the house where the PA 3 was taken. katie and the creepy boy, robbie lived there. one night, katie was suddenly brought into the hospital which made robbie had no choice but to stay at alex & wyatt's house. and that's when the creepiness started. but at the end of the movie the family just died like in all the movies. but alex was attacked by a bunch of people that follows the devil beliefs. they look like zombies actually and it was scary af.

so i highly recommended this movie for you all who love thriller. you would love the adrenaline and your heart would jump right out of your chest because it will shock you to death. but it's a hella of good movie.

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