Friday, November 9, 2012

annoyed skyfall

i went to the cinema today to see skyfall but turned out to be bothered by stupid dick. in the middle of the movie, his phone rang and he just answered the call an actually talk at the phone during the movie. can you believe it? i shooed him off silently but i think he didn't hear that until my brother actually nudged him off and politely said, "sir, can you please answer your call outside?". then he hung his phone up and became mad. he was all like, 'you're just a kid' 'i'm older than you' 'i was just talking on phone and you were mad'. i remained silent still and my brother, again politely answer his so shitty bullshit talk. until the man's friend suddenly came up to my bro but he didn't stand up. you know what i mean? he was like leaning to my bro. "you wanna fight? let's fight outside" and just like that he challenged my bro to fight. i mean like wtf. and the other man was still lecturing bullshit to my brother. i whispered to my bro, but loud enough so those dicks could hear. "just keep your mouth shut. they're an asshole". they didn't hear me but still trying to fight my bro. so the man who challenged my bro stood up then said once again, "lets fight outside" but my bro refused to. it wasn't because he was scared. it was because he has the damn manners. then the man got up and left. when he left i just yelled, "if you wanna fight just go somewhere else, you prick. fuckin bastard" and i'm sure the whole room could hear it. but those dicks were both too stupid to understand my words (my country language isn't english)

that's why i always say that i'm not proud to be a citizen in my country, to live in this country. because of the stupid bunch of pricks and morons. i mean like, everyone that goes to the cinema must have known that we are not allowed to talk on the phone in the theater. therefore, why people brake the rule? why people should do something that have a negative effect on others? why do they always be the selfish one? through my life, i think my country is the only country that the people are really really rude. i don't give a fuck. sigh

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