Thursday, November 1, 2012

Heureux le 1er Novembre

Happy November 1st!
it's already november! welcome november and be nice, will ya? ;)
so i just got an info from my mom that i have to do this english test (english isn't my mother language, so forgive me if my grammar was bad) to get into this international class that my soon-to-be high school have. the test will be held on november 10, which is on saturday. no fun :(

anyway, i wanna share a story to you guys all. ok, so there's this kid that always trying to get into my nerves. he/she has always been the pebbles on my life which is completely annoying af because he/she's constantly bothering, or more like ruining my life. i don't wanna make him/her ashamed or anything but i think he/she should know that they're action is a bit immature. i mean, he/she doesn't even know me but he/she was like all over me and all over my 'friend'. come on, i may be close to an overly attached girlfriend but i don't think so but she's the one that bugging me out all the damn time. i mean give me a break. you don't know me just shut the f*ck up and live your life. and leave me and my life alone. just go, gone to somewhere else.

*le sigh*

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