Monday, November 5, 2012

you're beautiful. do you know that? and yet you're so nice to people. but yet you act like a fake bitch. why do you have to be like that? you know you're actually better that that? or maybe not. or maybe it isn't a fake act. perhaps it's a real act? it's the real you? i don't even wanna know. how can you act that low? how can you disrespect yourself so much? and yet you still expect people to treat you better. sorry sweetheart, but no ones like you. i'm stating a fact here. sorry, we, my population, hate you because well, you deserve to be hated. no offense but you do. how can you just act all smiley when the truth is you're the biggest hypocrite ever? how can you live your life? how can you manage to get all the girls hate you when you just hitting on a boy every single damn day? oh yes. sorry i forgot who you are. a slut. no offense. but honey, how could you let some boys put his hands on your upper thigh when you were sitting between two guys in the damn corner? how could you let them do that thing? oh right. only a slut. and now you're trying to steal other people's boyfriend? bitch, please. can you just hide yourself and go f*ck yourself. please. no offense.
you wanna to be treated better? try to think rationally. try to remove all those boys and get laid thought from your brain. live the fuck up. and grow the fuck up you slut.

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