Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

no school on thursday. what a yes. i've been hating thursday ever since i started junior high. and there's no school because of the islamic new year. since i live in a country with the high average people are believe in islam, so yeah it's a national holiday. but too bad, i would'nt be enjoying that much. i got a test tomorrow, math for 2 hours, english for 2 hours and GAT for 30 mins. and yeah if you're wondering, i'm studying while blogging right now because i'm cool just like dat. forget me. hahah. the stress of test are taking control tonight. poor me.

i watched Paranormal Activity 4 today. it was bloody shocking. and this time, the ending was pretty much the same unless this time, all the so-called-mistery was solved. so katie was still alive and hunter too. they still have devil controlling the body but this time, it was revealed that katie, somehow got in to her grandma's creepy group (check out paranormal 3, that's actually the beginning of all the 4 movies). with triangle and circle inside of it, this group have to find a boy for the devil. so it all begin with this family, they had a kid named alex (the teenage girl) and wyatt (which you will discovered that he's actually adopted and from what he's saying that he was hunter) and they lived across the house which i was thinking that it's the house where the PA 3 was taken. katie and the creepy boy, robbie lived there. one night, katie was suddenly brought into the hospital which made robbie had no choice but to stay at alex & wyatt's house. and that's when the creepiness started. but at the end of the movie the family just died like in all the movies. but alex was attacked by a bunch of people that follows the devil beliefs. they look like zombies actually and it was scary af.

so i highly recommended this movie for you all who love thriller. you would love the adrenaline and your heart would jump right out of your chest because it will shock you to death. but it's a hella of good movie.
Test. I sent this via my email. Is it in?

Friday, November 9, 2012

annoyed skyfall

i went to the cinema today to see skyfall but turned out to be bothered by stupid dick. in the middle of the movie, his phone rang and he just answered the call an actually talk at the phone during the movie. can you believe it? i shooed him off silently but i think he didn't hear that until my brother actually nudged him off and politely said, "sir, can you please answer your call outside?". then he hung his phone up and became mad. he was all like, 'you're just a kid' 'i'm older than you' 'i was just talking on phone and you were mad'. i remained silent still and my brother, again politely answer his so shitty bullshit talk. until the man's friend suddenly came up to my bro but he didn't stand up. you know what i mean? he was like leaning to my bro. "you wanna fight? let's fight outside" and just like that he challenged my bro to fight. i mean like wtf. and the other man was still lecturing bullshit to my brother. i whispered to my bro, but loud enough so those dicks could hear. "just keep your mouth shut. they're an asshole". they didn't hear me but still trying to fight my bro. so the man who challenged my bro stood up then said once again, "lets fight outside" but my bro refused to. it wasn't because he was scared. it was because he has the damn manners. then the man got up and left. when he left i just yelled, "if you wanna fight just go somewhere else, you prick. fuckin bastard" and i'm sure the whole room could hear it. but those dicks were both too stupid to understand my words (my country language isn't english)

that's why i always say that i'm not proud to be a citizen in my country, to live in this country. because of the stupid bunch of pricks and morons. i mean like, everyone that goes to the cinema must have known that we are not allowed to talk on the phone in the theater. therefore, why people brake the rule? why people should do something that have a negative effect on others? why do they always be the selfish one? through my life, i think my country is the only country that the people are really really rude. i don't give a fuck. sigh

Monday, November 5, 2012

you're beautiful. do you know that? and yet you're so nice to people. but yet you act like a fake bitch. why do you have to be like that? you know you're actually better that that? or maybe not. or maybe it isn't a fake act. perhaps it's a real act? it's the real you? i don't even wanna know. how can you act that low? how can you disrespect yourself so much? and yet you still expect people to treat you better. sorry sweetheart, but no ones like you. i'm stating a fact here. sorry, we, my population, hate you because well, you deserve to be hated. no offense but you do. how can you just act all smiley when the truth is you're the biggest hypocrite ever? how can you live your life? how can you manage to get all the girls hate you when you just hitting on a boy every single damn day? oh yes. sorry i forgot who you are. a slut. no offense. but honey, how could you let some boys put his hands on your upper thigh when you were sitting between two guys in the damn corner? how could you let them do that thing? oh right. only a slut. and now you're trying to steal other people's boyfriend? bitch, please. can you just hide yourself and go f*ck yourself. please. no offense.
you wanna to be treated better? try to think rationally. try to remove all those boys and get laid thought from your brain. live the fuck up. and grow the fuck up you slut.

Congrats Raph!

yesterday was my nephew baptist day. his name is Raphael and he's only about 5 months but he's cute af. he got Raphael as his guardian name and Sebastian as his first name. anyway congratulation baby boy! auntie loves you so much. awww<3

and.. he fell asleep right after -_-

Friday, November 2, 2012

typical failed-weekend

i have a biology test tomorrow, le sigh. i know it should've been a weekend but whatever. my school refused to give the students weekend and if we don;t have school on saturday, we'll go home at least at 4 everyday and that's not even with the extracurricular. school sucks, i know.
btw i'm studying this chapter about breeding. from human to plants and even to bacteria. it's so amazing how the theory works. i mean, like asexual breeding. it's like you cut yourself into pieces and that pieces could be a new creature. even if it's hard, biology is actually quite interesting. we study about how the nature works, about how great is God making us this beautiful world, about our instantly changing environment.

my best friend is going to have his high school entrance tomorrow. he's pretty smart but as always, the nerves his getting were bugging him this night. he's been talking to me about the possibilities that could happen. 'what if i didn't get in?' he kept saying those words. i've had those moment when i applied my form into high school.  at first i was just trying to apply because i wanted to know how the test is. after i sent my form, my friends were all talking about the school they're going to apply in. there's 2 other students that applied at the same school as i applied in. seeing how smart they are, i mean they're both always get the top3 of their class while me was just at the top 10. i felt down. seeing how distance we were, i mean they are really really smart. so i spent my waiting time thinking that 'i'll never gonna get into this school'. but then i remember that if i wanted some thing that sincere from my heart, no matter how big the hitch is i can beat that.

just remember, dream big. the bigger you dream, the smaller the hitch would be. just dream and keep believe in yourself. if you really want some thing, no matter how rough the journey is, you will survive it and you will success :)

a bunch of good luck and all finger crossed for you.
you can beat that, baby. i love you, 11<3

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Bali's sunset
Taken August 31st, 2012

Twilight at Sydney
taken July 3rd, 2012

Beautiful - Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Justin Bieber

I know, I know it's been awhile
I wonder where you are
Or if you think of me
Sometimes, cos you're always on my mind
You know I've had it rough
Trying to forget you but,
The more that I look around,
The more I realize, you're all I'm looking for

What makes you so beautiful is 
You don't know how beautiful you are, to me
You're not trying to be perfect
Nobody's perfect but you are, to me
It's how you take my breath away
Feel the words that I don't say
I wish somehow, I could say them now
Oh, I could say them now, yeah

Just friends, the beginning or the end
How do we make sense
When we're on our own
It's like you're the other half of me
I feel incomplete, I should've known
Nothing in the world compare to the feelings that we share,
So not fair

What makes you so beautiful is 
You don't know how beautiful you are, to me
You're not trying to be perfect
Nobody's perfect but you are, to me
It's how you take my breath away
Feel the words that I don't say
I wish somehow, I could say them now

Oh, it's not you, blame it all on me
I was running from myself
Cos I couldn't tell how deep that we,
We were gonna be
I was getting stress of me, but it hurts like hell
Hope it's not too late, just a twist of fate

What makes you so beautiful is 
You don't know how beautiful you are, to me
You're not trying to be perfect
Nobody's perfect but you are, to me
It's how you take my breath away
Feel the words that I don't say
I wish somehow, I could say them now
Oh, oh, I could say them now, mmm

Heureux le 1er Novembre

Happy November 1st!
it's already november! welcome november and be nice, will ya? ;)
so i just got an info from my mom that i have to do this english test (english isn't my mother language, so forgive me if my grammar was bad) to get into this international class that my soon-to-be high school have. the test will be held on november 10, which is on saturday. no fun :(

anyway, i wanna share a story to you guys all. ok, so there's this kid that always trying to get into my nerves. he/she has always been the pebbles on my life which is completely annoying af because he/she's constantly bothering, or more like ruining my life. i don't wanna make him/her ashamed or anything but i think he/she should know that they're action is a bit immature. i mean, he/she doesn't even know me but he/she was like all over me and all over my 'friend'. come on, i may be close to an overly attached girlfriend but i don't think so but she's the one that bugging me out all the damn time. i mean give me a break. you don't know me just shut the f*ck up and live your life. and leave me and my life alone. just go, gone to somewhere else.

*le sigh*

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


  • Beautiful - Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Justin Bieber
  • 22 - Taylor Swift
  • Drive By - Train
  • Got Me Good - Cody Simpson
  • Love The Way You Lie (Part II) - Ariana Grande covers
  • Behind The Music - Cher Lloyd
  • The Big Bang - Rock Mafia
  • Brokenhearted - Karmin
  • Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
  • More Than This - One Direction

Happy Halloween!

first of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! it's one of my favorite day of the year (besides christmas) and sadly, i didn't celebrate halloween like many countries did because in here, they don't celebrate halloween. anyway i always have my own tradition of halloween. this day started with me waking up with a big grin, excitement and halloween spirit even though i have an early morning school. after i showered, i did my halloween dance. i put on my shrek headband and began to dance randomly around my room. lol. then i went (headband still on) to the kitchen where my parents were eating. "ITS HALLOWEEN! HAHAHAHA" i yelled like i always do in halloween morning. but this time, i added my famous creepy laugh at the end. trust me, you don't want to see me laughing because my laughs are just, oh well... 

i came to school late, 7.05 and thank god i wasn't exactly late, the morning prayer hasn't started yet so i put my fist in the air and screamed YES. but before your mind put you in some thoughts that i'm crazy or something, i didn't do that in front of my friends. and yes i'm not that stupid -.- when the morning prayer started, that's when i realized that the class was smell like a weird stinky kind of smell. "i think there's a death body hided in our class considering today's halloween" my bestfriend absurdly said. and i just looked at her like those WTF looks. and that's how my halloween day started. and thanks to the smell that we only had like 3 hours of lesson out of 8. HA

today's the last day on october. have you made your november wish? mine's done. and have you thought about your bad behavior? mine's tonight. looking back from the 1st day of october to this day, 31st. each day each memory. the memorable last school trip on junior high, the nerve-wracking high school entrance announcement, fights with boyfriend, early birthday present. it was rough but in the end i got over it and i had lessons that i can learn from it. so, i'm ready to let go of the unfulfilled dream, the lost hope, the drama and i'm ready to jump high to reach the dream i had. goodbye october, hello november :) 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

school night rebellion

it's 10.41 PM and i have an early morning school tomorrow but who the hell cares? yolo (is that still
i was on tumblr when i found this,


SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR BELIEVE TOUR! WOW, well even the concert day in my country hasn't out yet. it's one of the benefits when you live in narnia (notice the sarcasm)


btw this is so cute <3


hello! this is my very first post on this blog!
uhh, maybe i should begin by introduce myself.

amanda. but y'all can call me mandy or patricia (since it's my middle name beside of regina) ha

a 14 going on 15. a senior in junior high

pretty much the same with teenagers these days. internet, movies and music, but most of all i really love playing music and a bit into photography. and a fashion addict.

celebrity crush or favorite singer/band?
a major crush on Justin Drew Bieber. definitely.
umm, but Chace Crawford is utterly hot and Zac Efron is so freaking sexy even those two are pretty much like a twin. lol.
i like miley cyrus, demi lovato, cher lloyd, taylor swift, karmin, katy perry, cody simpson, good charlotte and linkin park (LP are legend!)

life goals?
my life goal is just simple. to marry Justin Bieber. hahaha. well that's one of my goals but anyway, my goals right now are to graduate junior high, get into high school, survived & graduate high school, get into fashion  & literature school.

that's pretty much about me. i'm gonna go and post other stuff.
let's be friend! i don't bite :)