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a b o u t m e -

the name is amanda. 15 years old typical teenager, what makes it different is that i may look calm on the outside but i am a lot crazier than you think. currently a senior in mid school & become a sophomore in high school for about 3 months from now. yep!

this is me with my little found guy

live in a family of 4 pax (5 if you count my loveliest dog on earth)
daddy who plays the daddy-protector-bestfriend-enemy role and always be there for me all the time. yep i'm daddy's little girl. mommy who often become uncool because of her constant yelling & arguing over stupid little things but always makes me laugh at the saddest point of my life. and a mad brother who goes to boarding school. i don't see him often only once a week and that's more than  enough. everyone with a 2 years gap brother must know the feelings

and this little mister is the fifth member of the family (according to me)
cutest thing with the weirdest name
meet, Kimil

a proud belieber. also happen to be a lovatics too. i listen to any kind of music (except hard rock, that's just.. ugh, depressing) but what i most like are a rocket to the moon, michael buble, and glee cast

i like shoes, caramel, over-buttered popcorn, sweaters, fuschia & burgundy, lip balms, lace, vailla, puppies, cameras, sparkles and bacon sandwich with strawberry jam on it

i don't like stuck up people, i don't like the kind of people who thinks that they're the most important things on earth. i don't like heights, spiders and tomatoes

i'm the kind of girl who prefer to go solo to all around the world rather than enjoying a week with the one i love. i do want some of nicholas sparks but i also want blair & chuck moment.

a b o u t t h i s b l o g -

this blog's basically like my diary. i write everything i want and post everything i post. but i'm trying to improve my writing on this blog. maybe some fashion advice and opinions ahead but for know let's just make a place to laugh & talk about

well, you might think that it's not important and stuff. but i'm really glad that you visit & read my blog! hope my writings could brighten up your day and maybe bring a little laugh to your day



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