Friday, November 2, 2012

typical failed-weekend

i have a biology test tomorrow, le sigh. i know it should've been a weekend but whatever. my school refused to give the students weekend and if we don;t have school on saturday, we'll go home at least at 4 everyday and that's not even with the extracurricular. school sucks, i know.
btw i'm studying this chapter about breeding. from human to plants and even to bacteria. it's so amazing how the theory works. i mean, like asexual breeding. it's like you cut yourself into pieces and that pieces could be a new creature. even if it's hard, biology is actually quite interesting. we study about how the nature works, about how great is God making us this beautiful world, about our instantly changing environment.

my best friend is going to have his high school entrance tomorrow. he's pretty smart but as always, the nerves his getting were bugging him this night. he's been talking to me about the possibilities that could happen. 'what if i didn't get in?' he kept saying those words. i've had those moment when i applied my form into high school.  at first i was just trying to apply because i wanted to know how the test is. after i sent my form, my friends were all talking about the school they're going to apply in. there's 2 other students that applied at the same school as i applied in. seeing how smart they are, i mean they're both always get the top3 of their class while me was just at the top 10. i felt down. seeing how distance we were, i mean they are really really smart. so i spent my waiting time thinking that 'i'll never gonna get into this school'. but then i remember that if i wanted some thing that sincere from my heart, no matter how big the hitch is i can beat that.

just remember, dream big. the bigger you dream, the smaller the hitch would be. just dream and keep believe in yourself. if you really want some thing, no matter how rough the journey is, you will survive it and you will success :)

a bunch of good luck and all finger crossed for you.
you can beat that, baby. i love you, 11<3

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