Saturday, May 25, 2013

so many pictures in this post

hiya! i'm back from my vacation (well, i actually came back on wednesday). the trip was tiring but it was really fun. i got to buy a lot of Godiva chocolate like a lot and i was totally pleased and happy.

*became Blair Waldorf for a second*
 i got a few things that really really made my day and you won't believe how much is the price differences. oh god it's like almost like half price, either it's a high class brands like LV or street fashion like zara, mango, etc. and how happy i was when i see H&M store all over the place with a big sale (like really really big). and in case you wonder why i'm happy everytime i see H&M store is simply because there is no H&M in my country. sucks, i know. i got a rainbow unicorn printed pencil skirt for only €3 (the original price was €15) and then jeans for only €9.95 (original price: €29.90) and other things with a really reasonable price.

the weather. oh my god the weather. it was spring (well it's still spring there) so i packed shorts, thin shirt, a couple of cardigan and jeans and one pair of boots for the mt. titlis only. when i landed at switzerland i directly got in to the bus and went to mt. titlis. it was pretty cold but i thought it was cold because it's in the mountain region and being the highest top on switzerland, it's snowing frequently at the top. then in lucerne only it was only windy. the next morning i thought it was okay to thin shirt, jeans and sneakers. but when i stepped out from the hotel. oh my dear lord it was a freaking winter and the next days went like that and fuck my life because i was having a complete wardrobe malfunction that it wasn't funny. at all

and now it's time for y'all to see my wardrobe malfunction fixed & solved by myself because i am that awesome. i actually felt pretty pleased that i actually didn't look like a girl that don't have any fashion taste hahaha. and here it is.....

1st day: plaid shirt, sweater, jeans & boots
3rd day: long knitted-shirt, cardigan, studded pencil skirt, tights & boots
5th day: I'm so sick of your shit. Grow the fuck up cropped tee, red jeans from, cardigan as scarf & jacket as coat

aaandd that's all. if you're wondering i wear a simple jeans & hoodie or sweaters the other day. not bad, huh? :) and for a bonus...... here are some cute kids & dogs and some interesting pics i found (?) and took a photo with, hahaha :)

his brother is cuter but he was shy so instead of taking a pic with me, we played hide & seek

my dad was taking a pic of me when suddenly this group came and just joined in the photo
(there was a gay festival in Belgium)

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