Wednesday, May 8, 2013

hello back

i haven't posted anything in long time. i was busy with school & other stuffs. a lot had happened since the last time i posted and since i'm making this blog as my diary so i'm gonna write a bit because i don't have anything to do. so, hah

i finally finished my national exams and basically, i'm waiting for the graduation announcement which will be on June 1. in the meantime, i don't have to go to school (yay!).
i got in to the school i've always wanted and already took the placement test (it decides the department that you're going to take in national college). i'm hoping to get into science which completely has nothing to do with the department that i'm going to take in college. my future consists of being a student of FIT, NY and working at Vogue magazine. see, science & fashion doesn't match. oh well,

i dyed my hair yesterday and i actually like it even though it's a bit messed up. it was my first time dying it and i was doing it by myself. it turned out great but also messed up. it's darker on the inner side and lighter on the outer. i'm planning to fix it tomorrow

i suffered from broken heart in the last couple of months. it was rough you know. and it hurts to see someone who used to be on your side stolen by some cheap bitch. anyway he wasn't worth it either. they're both garbage.

anyway i'm going to Europe for holiday on 14 (yay!) and i'm having crisis what to pack and what to wear since it's my first holiday in spring. so i'm leaving next week but i start packing up today and what a mess i made: 

my prom's on June 8 with carnival - circus as its theme. i'm currently in the midst of finding the dress but it's just so damn hard you know. the dress i bought on January is actually nice but it doesn't go with the theme. i'm planning to go with the tux & tutu skirt but it's a bit pricey and i'm saving up for Justin Bieber's show in October. i have my eyes on the orange/pink neon Zara dress with a cutout below the chest and seriously it looks so cute but my mom prefers me wearing this designer dress which is totally fucked up. the dress she prefers have this stuffed flower all over the waist and it's a plaid print with some pink, disgusting green and navy blue. oh god, you don't want to see it really.

so that's all i'm saying right now because it's already midnight here and i'm annoyed as hell because i'm a few points away from level 17 in Stylista on facebook but i ran out of money & energy so shit (i only play because i'm bored af, okay?)

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