Monday, May 13, 2013

i'm bored

i really don't have anything to do. i'm bored as hell and i don't know what to do. and i spent the day watching kingsley on youtube and you know what kind of bitch he is. a hilarious one. a fuckin smart ass bitch. omg i wish that i have kingsley as my bestfriend. oh well but that's not it. i was pretty annoyed because of my maid brought his daughter which is really really annoying af. she always stares at me like what the hell. i mean why can't i feel safe in my own house. she follows me & fucking stares at whatever i'm doing and man it's creeping me out. and she doesn't quit. even when i'm studying with my private tutor. my maid comes to my room to clean it up and she peeks into my room. and now i'm writing this with her staring behind my back. it's not like i'm allergic to children or what but she's just too damn creepy. oh come on can you stop being so intimidating like that and stop following me around and staring at me like i'm a thief in my own house?

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