Friday, May 10, 2013

happy friday!

tomorrow's saturday & that'd be 3 days to go before Europe! yaaaay!
so I dyed my hair (more like fixing it) today. they dyed it darker and totally remove the light roots and I totally love the result. it's like the mix of burgundy and crimson when the lights hit it. it's totally fine to go to school with my dyed hair because it doesn't show at all. it's only show under the lights and plus because I'm originally a brunette they won't know. hahaha
this is how my hair now:

I was so bored yesterday and I found this DIY. I found my old jeans and make rips on it. I also made it into an acid wash but until now it hasn't dry yet so I don't know how it'd turn out, I'm not really sure that it'd work tho. but I'll post it when it dried

I got my Demi's new album which is called Demi and it's fucking amazing. the queen, as usual slays it. and there's Really Don't Care featuring Cher Lloyd. omg Demi's voice is just so, ugh i can't even express how amazing she sounds and there's Chere who rap with her accent which makes the song even better! i highly recommend y'all to get your ass up and sign in to your itunes store and just buy it. you're not gonna regret it!

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